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Why is Scarinex™ the Top Choice for Scar Removal?

The FACT is that most scar gels do not come from the same source proven effective in clinical studies. In addition, most gels are not formulated with the proper amount, nor do they have the potency needed for dealing with scars.
The Truth is that the quality of most scar products is just plain bad.
Scar Removal

Scarinex™ is both doctor formulated and endorsed. Scarinex is an innovative scar removal that works like no other. Most scar removers combine a silicone base with other ingredients, which can dilute the effectiveness of the product. This creates a cheaper solution and a less effective product. While others use a cumbersome sheet of silicone which can be uncomfortable and messy to use. And some products neglect to include a silicone base at all, which is the most common treatment to treat scars by doctors and plastic surgeons alike.

Only Scarinex™ uses a 100% medical grade silicone formula that combines 5 different high quality silicones. In addition, Scarinex provides a free skin rejuvenating solution that works in conjunction with Scarinex's Scar Gel. By combining the products, Scarinex has been able to create a superior scar removal system that works faster and is more effective than any other product on the market.

GMP CertifiedScarinex™ is produced in the United States in a FDA registered laboratory that exceeds industry standards. Our manufacturing facility is GMP certified and abides by the highest FDA guidelines. Each ingredient was carefully selected based on clinical data supporting its effectiveness.

Scarinex is the Best Scar Gel on the Market

  • Invisible Protective Barrier
    Forms a flexible silicone barrier over the scar to retain moisture therefore helping the scar heal quicker.

  • Reduces Swelling
    Removes Swelling & Redness from New & Old Scars
  • Silicone Base Scar Remover
    Proven silicone base scar remover with skin rejuvenator.
  • Skin Protector
    Protects the skin from outside contaminants and toxins.
  • Cost Effective
    An affordable and effective solution to prescription medication and surgery.

The Fastest Scar Removal Solution that Actually Works

Doctor Formulated

Scarinex™ Scar Gel is a completely invisible product that helps reduce the redness, swelling and pain that comes from scarring. Both the rejuvenating solution and the scar gel are applied directly to the skin. Unlike silicone sheets they adapt to the body and allow you to move and continue with your daily activities without worrying about toxins entering the scar.

Scarinex's Skin Rejuvenator works to give the nutrients your skin needs to fade the scars while the Scarinex Scar Gel creates a protective barrier over the scar which helps to retain the moisture and lock in the rejuvenator.

Silicone has been proven in numerous of studies to be the most important and effective ingredient used to treat scars. Silicone Scar Treatments have been used for years to treat scars by doctors and plastic surgeons alike. So, what makes Scarinex's Scar Gel the most effective on the market today. Not only does Scarinex use only medical grade silicone, it also uses a proprietary blend of 5 different types of silicone. This enables Scarinex's Silicone Scar Gel to create a superior protective barrier which in turn gives the fastest relief time and the most powerful solution.

Whether your scar is from an injury, surgery, acne or stretch marks, Scarinex™ can help you remove it.

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